Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just playing around with my new program some more:)
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

fun new picture toy

I just got this new thing called picasa downloaded to my computer and was having fun with it so i thought i'd share one of the things i did with everyone:)
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Friday, November 28, 2008


Matt got his first band-aide worthy owie the other day. We were at the pool and it is tiled all around which is not smart but hey we are in puerto rico after all the kiddie pool is also above ground but is square so there are sharp edges(again not smart) anyway he likes to play outside of the pool just as much or maybe more than inside the pool. needless to say it was wet and he slipped and fell right smack dab on the corner right in the middle of his forehead. He was a trooper though I think he cried more out of irritation that I was trying to clean it off with a towel than the hurt:) then we got home I cleaned it up and we of course only have huge oversized band-aides because well his daddies owies are alot bigger than matts would be;) so since I didn't want to go buy a bunch of band-aides just for the one owie I just used the oversized ones which made it look a lot worse than it actually was. I may have gotten a few concerned looks. oh well what can we say it is in his blood i'm sure this is the first of many.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well I haven't posted in a while so i thought i'd give it a try:) my computer is sooooo slow it drives me crazy! plus matt hates it when i pay attention to anything but him. He is 9 months and a couple weeks now and it seems like the first nine months with him went alot slower than these 9! not fair! but i love every minute of being with him (well most of the time:) he is so fun and is walking all over the place now, he is into everything! he likes to get in the closet and pull out the shoes he gets so excited when i leave the door open on accident (the biggest smile ever!) he also apparently likes to help with the laundry the other day i looked over and he was carrying a big armful of laundry (that he got out of the basket) around the room. he is now at the stage where he likes to do whatever we are doing and since he has six teeth i decided to try out brushing them, well it actually went pretty well:) he sits pretty good for me when i brush them and then i let him hold the tooth brush, that is his favorite and now anytime i am brushing my teeth he wants to do his too:) the next picture i have on here is just one of him one day when he woke up from a nap (it is usually like this if he gets a good enough nap) i love it when he first wakes up he looks at me like i am his best friend ever so i savor those moments:) love you all and cant wait to come home!!