Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I love them all but i especially love the first one with matt kissing jacob on the head, he always kisses him and jacob loves it:)

Christmas card pictures

My mom and dad are here from Missouri for Thanksgiving so I took advantage and had her take some pictures of the boys for our Christmas cards this year, I think they turned out quite good:) we just went to this little park next to our house and these are just a few that we didnt have to fix to make work;) i love these boys and they are getting so big. matt is crazy as ever and loves his brother to pieces and jacob is learning to stand, he can pull himself up now using the table or anything sturdy close enough to the ground for him to use, he still falls but is getting very good ad it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Strong national museum of play

Saturday we went to Strong National Museum of Play, in Rochester. They have a museum of toys which was fun for Josh and I and also his parents not so much for the boys but then downstairs was a whole area to play in they had a minature grocery store that matt could shop at and put his groceries on a minature belt and check out all by himself, they also had a carousel and train that they rode, the big boys built block buildings, we went to bear country where the berenstein bears live and got to play there, sesame street was there and matthew was able to be on tv with elmo, the count, abby, and another character where they did different things matt loved elmo the best and sang the abc's with him, he couldnt take his eyes off the tv he was so interested, then he got to be on tv and be a weather man. there was much much more that we did there but i only got a few pictures it was so fun we spent several hours there and could have spent way more, we ended up getting a pass so we can go back all winter, it will be a good outlet for matt and jacob (they have stuff for all ages and sizes) on yucky winter days.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

just for fun

i cant believe he is crawling already!! although he's not really crawling he rocks and then pounces:) but he gets around non the less. Jacob also has 2 teeth on the bottom and loves them, they are sharp little suckers and he loves to chew on fingers. of course i had to get pictures of matt because i had the camera out, he has become quite the ham and always wants to take pictures which is quite the opposite from just a month or so ago, so being the big brother that he is he held jacob for a group pic then jacob spit up on him and this was the reaction, i couldnt help it:) it would have been much better if i got a video.


this year for halloween matthew went as buzz lightyear, he is obsessed with toy story he was so excited when he got his costume he had to put the whole thing on and go across the hall to show grandma and grandpa, then almost everyday till halloween he would wear his buzz wings and run around the apartment saying "to infiniti and beyond" or " buzz lightyear to the rescue" he and ryan had so much fun at the trunk or treat just chasing eachother around i dont know that they would have even cared to go trick or treating, amy and i had to practically drag them out of the church from playing:) jacob was as cute as can be as a monkey this year he didnt really care either way about halloween but i found this costume and of course had to dress him up:)