Friday, September 16, 2011

matthew says

I know blogs are more fun with pictures but all i have for you today is a story:)
Matthew came to me the other day and says while he is getting dressed "mom something is poking me in the tummy, i think i must have swallowed a golf ball or somthin!" i turn around because this now has my attention and he is pointing to his sternum, you see the harts have sternums that stick out quite far, this did worry me too at one point when matt was a baby but josh, rick, and grandad all have it so i had to try to explain to a 3 year old what it was, he was ok with it when he found out that all 4 of them have it:)
the other day matt was getting dressed and i told him he could pick out his shirt and that he could wear any of his t-shirts long sleeve or short (he always wants to wear his long sleeve ones) because it was cool out but that he wasnt to wear a sweater or a button up shirt his reply was " oh because they are for church and going to the city" i think we must live in the boondocks more than i thought:)
last night we were going into "the city" and matt says to me "mom wake me up when we get there i'm going to take a little nap" ok said, then when we got close i couldnt tell if he was awake or asleep (i was pretty sure awake) so i asked "matt are you asleep?" his reply "yes" lol i love that kid.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

innocent enough

That face looks innocent enough right? well think again! see that smirk he has it means business and keeping mommy super busy!! just today I couldnt hear him which all in itself is bad news which most of you who have kids know. I found him in the pantry playing in flour all over the floor, he saw me open the door looked up at me and closed the door so i couldnt either get mad or see i'm not sure what was going through his head. then he had a 3 hour nap so a good chunk of the day right? 2. he found a cup of dr pepper he does really well with straws so i decided to pick my battles and this wasnt going to be one of them wrong again, i turned around and he was dumping it out of the straw onto the couch and playing in it! then 3. he comes in with a handful of diaper wipes the entire container to be exact! by this time it's only 3 oclock then i turn around from my desk to him ripping a book apart!! oh my i'm in trouble with this one he isnt even 2 yet so i dont know what to blame it on!! good thing he is super cute and knows how to work his momma, he already knows it takes a smile, a kiss and a snuggle and i melt:) love these boys but they sure are making it really hard for me to want any more! lol