Tuesday, December 21, 2010

End of the year update

These pictures are a little late getting posted but still before christmas. Matt had so much fun decorating the tree this year and jacob loved eating the decorations;) matt will look at our tree every day and say "mom our tree looks sooooo good huh?" lol he cracks me up. so here is our year update for anyone who wants to read along.
January-we found out that matt was going to have a baby brother! and josh started working doing the foreclosure cleanouts.
February-matt turned 2 on the 5th
March-nothing really big happened
April-josh and i celebrated our 4th anniversary and softball season started
May-Jacob Michael Hart joined us on the 22nd 3 minutes till midnight weighing in at 9lbs 8 0z and measuring 23 inches.
June-josh started working in st louis 31/2 days a week so we stayed at my parents during the week
July-blessed Jacob on the 4th of July and left for Hilton Head for a 2 week job. (vacation for me and the boys) me and matt stayed in the pool whenever we could.
August- left for josh's family reunion and had an accident almost totally our car the rest of the trip was pretty uneventful after that;)
September-got a new car and headed off for New York
October-not alot happening except for getting aquainted with the area up here and halloween matt was buzz lightyear and jacob was a monkey.
November-jacob started crawling and pulling himself up and walking around the furniture all within about a 1-2 week time period. my parents came up for a visit for thanksgiving!
December- just getting ready for christmas matt is pretty excited this year. Jacob started standing on his own as of today and will be 7 months tomorrow. matt as of today is almost completely potty trained! whoohooo
weighed the boys today matt is 31 lbs and jacob is 17 lbs they both are getting so big and so fun. jacob loves his brother and visa versa they love to play together all the time. miss you all and love you hope your christmas and holiday season is a great one!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

this is how i found him watching cartoons one morning he loves his buzz lightyear wings. yes mom he is drinking his reliv for the day there;)
these are backwords but here is the finished product almost to embarassing to put up matts is the a frame and it looks pretty good for a 2 year old course the other one looks like he could have done it too:)

decorating houses this one didnt make it it fell apart as soon as they were finished.

putting the house together he had as much fun doing this as he did decorating it

Monday, December 6, 2010


This pictures was not frombowling obviously just thought it was cute it was jacobs first actual bath in the tub not the sink cause he could finally sit and he loves it!:)
We all went bowling one saturday and had a blast they had a thing for the boys to use so they could bowl by themselves

matt tried bowling with out the device he finally made it to the end without getting a gutter ball (they had bumpers) but he was going so slow even though he hit pins they didnt knock over :) lol he loved it.

the boys picking out which ball they wanted. everytime we drive by the bowling ally matt wants to go in.