Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Terriann's giveaway

this is terriann's new blog she is super talented and makes so many cute things! she's doing a give away to get it all started and thought i would enter as many times as possible and share with all of you! to see it go to http://www.terriannhart.blogspot.com/. enjoy!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Matt loves to wear "his" towel which are the smaller hand towels and he likes to wear it like daddy:) he is so fun and is growing so much and learning so much.

the other day matt kept saying something and i couldnt understand him this doesnt happen all the time but enough and i usually can figure out what he's saying eventually. well i figured out he was saying baby einstein he wanted to watch his movie it sounds nothing like baby einstein so i was trying to help him to say it right by saying one word at a time as you can see he can say both but when you put the two words together it goes back to the original version. gotta love it :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Josh might not be real excited I posted this and matt may not like it in 10 years from now but I told him to go get some shoes on so we could go to dinner and this is what he decided he was wearing, (my heels if you cannot see)
i made this dress i forgot the actual name of it but how cute is this with little tights under it:) i decided i wanted to make something so terriann found this on the internet and helped me make it i am so excited i finished a sewing project that i started:) yea me!

Matt has learned the actions to "i'm so glad when daddy comes home" (matt language daddy home), popcorn popping ( pocorn), 5 little speckled frogs (bug or frog) the wise man and the foolish man ( man) he can only do the building part (pounding fist on hand), and book of mormon stories (book) he loves to sing or have mommy sing while he does the actions this is his favorite thing to do lately

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Matt learned how to swim! he wasnt a big fan of the water this summer but i brought his life jacket down to hilton head. Wes came down to swim with us and matt watched him a couple of times and was just like i think i can do that i guess cause he just jumped in and started swimming:) he can swim from one end of the pool and back long wise and will swim for hours then he takes a great nap or if i prefer goes to bed on time instead of midnight:)

this is matts favorite book ever! he will sit on the bed and read it to himself but prefers to be read to but knows what most of the things are now without coaxing him. he still thinks we are saying mommy instead of mummy though and i guess can't see the difference:) so he thinks a mummy says "no,no,no" gotta love little kids.

in an update matt is talking a ton now i think i must give credit to wes since we've been around him matt has really gotten good. some of the funny things he says...

1. one day we were cleaning (matt loves things clean) and we got the room all clean then i dumped the clean clothes on the bed to fold and he looked at me shocked and said "oh momma! mess!" i said i know matt momma made a mess so i will clean it up then he replied "k" as if to say oh you better.

2. he is obsessed with poop right now or the word anyway so he is always telling me somebody went poopoo lately the person has been tenninannn poopoo all one word translation "terriann poo poo" sorry terriann i dont know why.

3. matt will say almost anything we ask him right now or attempt to anyway except for the life of me i cannot get him to say sorry! i dont know why but he just looks at me like um i cant talk i dont know what you are expecting me to do.

4. he has decided he likes the word dangit but he must always bang his fist on something so he will run with his fist in the air till he gets to a table, couch,chair ect and then say dangit.

5. matt is really into baseball or actually all sports right now. the world series is on so we of course have it on in our room, josh changed the channel during commercial and matt got so made at him and kept say no dad baball baball dad till he turned it back, and he gets so into the game he will cheer and yell dangit (fist pounding all the while) he is so funny to watch of course i am a little partial:)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

trick or treat

They had trick or treating in a shopping center here in Hilton Head so we decided to take the boys to "practice" trick or treating:) they had fun i think anyway wes was a cute little dragon ryan was a cute little vampire or dracula and matt was my little mummy:) our friend mary got to go with us and Laura (one of matts grandma's) and i'm pretty sure they had fun too. matt got really tired by the end but managed to get a few trick or treats out and of course thank you's. then they had a costume contest the other boys werent there but matt won first place! yea for cute little mummy costumes. josh and i made it the night before and i finished it today:) it was so much fun we'll see how saturday goes hopefully not as hot, today we were all a little sweaty:)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

back in hilton head

this picture is in hilton head, we went out to eat last night and got wings matt decided he was done with his mac and cheese and took this off my plate and just started eating, of course he was done when he licked all the sauce off. this is also his "big smile"

matt loves animals and is not affraid to feed them at all. we stopped to get gas on our way to hilton head and they had a petting zoo, yes at the gas station, so we bought some food for matt to feed the animals it took no coaxing on our part matt went right up and fed the animals there was goats, geese, an emo, donkey, bull, and a llama he fed the llama geese and goats but we ran out of food before he could feed the donkey but he did get to pet it.

pumpkin fun

For some reason these were added backwords but this is matts first time carving pumpkins. he didnt really like feeling the insides all that much but i think it is because it was messy and he doesnt like his hands messy:) but he loves putting his hand in the pumpkin now that it is cleaned he was so excited to light it too everynight. he is so much fun now that he is talking, he cracks us up all the time.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

utah videos

matt had so much fun playing in Utah between the jungle gym adn cousins and papa i had so many fun pictures and videos i had to just choose 2. the first video is from the temple he thought this trick was so cool he just kept climbing up and jumping. the second is at the airport on the way home he wanted to push he just kept saying either "mama push push" or "gaga push push" depending on who had the suitcase me or my mom. then if you asked if he wanted help he would shake his head no and matter of factly say "no" he was so cute. the first trip to the airport we had a long layover but lucky for us matt is obsessed with escalaters:) he just kept going up and down and down and down and up:) so much fun! we all had a blast in utah but were glad to come home and see josh, also to rest we played way to hard in utah:)

utah trip

matt thought these were the best slides ever he slide on the tall stairs too but i didn't get a picture of that one, he did it over and over
he thought that just playing in the reflection pool wasnt enough he wanted to get in it

this was matts first trip to the temple sorry josh you couldnt be there we missed you

matt and katelyn were little buddies again

papa was matt's buddy too hopefully matt kept papa from getting too bored they read books played ball and watched sports

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So we bought this house in may of 2007 and were gone for most of the time we've owned it:) it had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a living room, eat in kitchen and a pantry/utility room. we decided it was tooo small! matt's room is also used as the office and gym:) not much room for matt and definately not any room if we were to have another one, so since we have a little bit of down time we decided to expand just one room but another room non the less:) it will make a big difference for now and later we can add on the rest of the house. Rick has been very good to help us and put the guys to work so thank you rick, neil, todd, nate, mike, and joe and of course my good husband who listens to me complain about how small our house is even though it was technically my idea to move here(he does remind me of that everytime i complain) they have also worked on my front yard and have gotten rid of alot of crap and it looks sooooo much better it is starting to look like the home i was hoping to someday have. the first picture is of our house originally not to pretty but very cute if you look past that color. About the beginning of the summer neil, the two boys, rick and laura came down one saturday and we painted all day and it is now a very nice color of blue with white trim and will eventually have white shudders on the windows and a pretty flower garden:)(someday)

Here they are putting on the room (framing it out) matt has been in heaven because he gets to "help" and papa is here alot along with "neneil" (neil) , grandma and the boys.

This was putting up the roof and the one below is of the roof on and walls up! also of josh and nate trying to fix the electricity that was cut (by accident) to our garage .

This is the back side to show the room a little better it will be the office/gym/storage and someday possibly a bedroom we arent for sure yet. but at this point i dont care i'm just excited to have extra space so my house doesnt feel so cluttered and cramped! hopefully there will be more pictures to come!!!;)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


We went to the lake yesterday with the Hart family and had a blast. the boys love going to the lake and playing with eachother. Wes is quite the little swimmer and was just all over the place by himself! he did not want any help, ryan loves the water too and was playing with everyone and matt mostly had fun playing on the boat:) he was ok with the water but he liked jumping off the dock and driving the boat the most.

Matt and Ryan playing with the generator on the dock at the lake
Grandpa "papa" and Matt swimming by the boat with Todd and Wes

This is where Matt spent most of his time he loves to drive the boat

Matt, Wes and Grandma playing on the shore throwing rocks in the water, they had a blast doing this and the rest of the day Matt kept saying "mamma ock ock"(momma rock rock)

Matt was jumping off of the railing on the dock which is like 6 feet up or so off the water but by the time i got the camera to video it he was done so he jumped off the dock instead which was still fun to watch:)

Monday, August 3, 2009


Matthew loves to ride bikes this is his favorite toy at grandma and grandpa's house now:) he thinks it is just his size.
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

helping daddy

Matt was helping dad work on the house next thing i know i hear josh yelling for me to come help:) matt had found the mud obviously:) oh i love my little boy:)

climbing out of the crib

Matt has learned to climb out of his crib so we have to move his dresser so he cant use it, this was him attempting to climb out without the help of his dresser. He didn't succeed this time.

Monday, June 8, 2009

working on the house

We are working on our addition to our house and matt just thinks it is the coolest thing ever. he loves helping daddy and grandpa frame so much that we bought him his own hammer but he doesnt want that one he wants daddy's big hammer:) after this josh put a nail in for matt and he thought that was awesome.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter was super fun this year matt actually was old enough to know what was going on. It started off with the easter bunny and his basket that he discovered, he pulled it down and everything fell out, that was super exciting for him he just jumped around ;) plus was excited to see that the "balls" as he calls them had candy in them. then we went to grandma adams for easter lunch and then hurried back to the hart get together where the boys had an easter egg hunt they caught on quickly and had so much fun matt was excited once more to find candy in the eggs which was very distracting while he was still trying to find eggs:) of course then he had so much sugar in him he took about an hour power nap and was up till 1:30 in the morning with a sugar high! :(

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hilton Head

Amy found a little center for kids that has all sorts of fun things this was in the art department he had so much fun finger painting he thought he would try some:)
This was in the same place they had a whole area for role playing with costumes there were several different themes but matt enjoied the airplane the best.

The other day the guys went to the park to play softball, we found a little play ground for wes and matt they had so much fun on the slides i was surprised because matt would go climb up the stairs and go down the slide by himself!

Here is my monkey on the monkey bars, dont worry i was right there i just didn't want to be in the picture. he loved them so much he kept trying to climb up by himself:)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well one day i got matt out of the tub a little before he was done i guess:) course he wasnt happy at me for taking the picture as you can tell by his expression.

This one looks worse than it actually is i just had to post a picure so you could see how pitiful he looks:( he had really bad allergies down here and it gave him asthma and since you cant give him an inhaler this is what you have to do for babies. it was every 4 hours but only for 5 minutes. he didn't like it and would scream but by the end of it he would just sit there and sulk.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

on the job

Matthew has decided to go into the family business. we are lucky enough to get to use the suites that the guys are working on for our living space and have the adjoining room to sleep in so we don't eat, sleep and live in the same rooms this time around. the thing about this is that the guys are in there working, matt loves this because he thinks he is one of the big boys:) he loves to be where the action is and "help". the last couple of days they have been laying tile and painting, so today matt decided to help grandpa in the room and this is how we found him no body showed him what to do this is just from him observing:) he also has taken the trowl and rubbed it along the carpet like grandpa does on the concrete he is such a big boy:) i however was not ready and could not get the "concrete" on tape. matthew does not always help so well he has gotten into the paint, dry wall mud and the wet concrete which had his foot prints and little bum imprinted for a short time lucky for us grandpa fixed it. he is not alone in this though wes loves the tools too i'm told he has learned to turn some of them on:) smart little boys!! i think we need to get them some newland shirts and let em go to work!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

the funnest things

I love my little boy. but there is a reason we do not put the toilet paper on the rolls at our house:) most of you probably understand but i think the housekeepers in the hotel may not have children because they always put the rolls on for us:) and when matt makes that discovery he thinks it's the coolest thing ever as you can see by his smile:)

Monday, February 16, 2009


We are back in Hilton Head again! we were so glad to see those of you we got to see and are sorry we didn't get to see those of you we didnt. josh's mom is doing good and back in her own home living with tiffany way better than any of us expect, so we are thankful for that. on our way back to hilton head we stopped for breakfast at mcdonalds so matt could run and stretch his little legs. this is how he reacted on the slide. he thought it was the greatest thing but was scared to go down:)

Monday, February 9, 2009


These pictures are really late but my internet sucks at home so here they are matt's first snow! he really liked it and kept wanting to play in it finally i gave in a bundled him up once he got out there he didn't like it so much.

I'm ONE!!!!

Matt turned one on the 5th of the month and we had a little party for him he really enjoied his cake as you can see but not so much the presents we was really getting a little frusterated that he couldn't play with them. we had ice cream cake and wes and matt thought that was awesome as you can see them mooching off of lindy:)