Saturday, July 7, 2012

So a typical day in my house usually includes 3 "adventures" at least from Jacob he is extremely busy and does not stop... we love him non the less:) today's adventure started out at about noon (i know i cant believe we made it to noon) matthew is in the kitchen eating some toast while i start to make a shopping list, i ask where his brother is, matthew replies "i dont know" which is never good so i go looking for him.  this is what i found.

the product:

          the culprit: after we cleaned him up obviously, (and that face was all show he was trying not to smile)

                                                                      the crime scene:

yes those dark spots are wet from him spray the "product" all over it he was drenched! lucky for us when we bought these couches back when i was pregnant with matthew we foresaw something of this nature happening because i had been told horror stories about when josh was this age, so we bought the protector and the cleaner as well:) so all is well, after mommy calmed down a little:)
*side note: no children were harmed in this incident, mommy kept her cool very well actually, and he did not ingest the product.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

fordland 5k

on June 16 we had a 5k in fordland benefiting care to learn a program that helps children get what they need such as clothing and food, Stacy (josh's aunt) did sooooo much for this organization and the whole festivities for the day.  We had so much fun and raise so much $ for this cause! cant wait till next year!

 before the race josh and matt walking to the gathering spot
 jacob...he got to ride in the stroller and loved it, at the end he got out and ran across the finish line
 matt wanted to run so we let him he ran most of the race and only rode in the stroller for a little while we are so proud of him! he ran the race in just over 37 minutes.
 my 3 boys before the race
 from left to right...Laura, me, jessica, amy, and terriann we dont know the people in the yellow but they were in the way;) this was pre race getting ready to start.
 our fans...this was great to have at the end you could hear them cheering soooo loud for you as you came in and gave you that extra " i can do it feeling"
 and they're off!

 home stretch... both boys were running their hardest with the biggest grins on their faces! i loved watching them come in and run to me across the finish line! no pics of me crossing because they are awful;) but i did cross and finished in 34 min 32 sec. beating my goal of 35 minutes. this was my first race and def. not my last!
 showing off his medal he won
 from left to right top: amy, jessica, kaio, me, josh, jacob, michael
bottom: terriann, joe, matt, and laura
kaio finished 1st overall, amy finished i believe 3rd overall and 1st womens, way to go hart family!!

my family after the race, poor josh was only expecting to run the mile fun run with matt and jacob in stroller but matt wanted to run with me so he put them both in the stroller and took off to catch me, they didnt catch up till the half way water spot where i waited for them, he got more than he bargained for but finished in about 37 min ( no training and no prior running and pushing 1-2 boys the entire time) you did amazing:)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We have been crazy busy these last few months.  We traveled home from Oakland, CA at the beginning of March (we had been there since November) and were home for a about a week and a half, saw friends and family then headed down to Dallas, TX.  We LOVE it here, I wish we were here longer.  We have kept pretty busy here, we went to Cowtown in Fort Worth and watched a cattle drive and matt got to ride on a horse and decided he is a cowboy now:) He also had to buy this particular hat because it was just like Great Grandpa Adams cowboy hat.

 Jacob didn't care for the horse's but he liked watching them,and of course had to wear glasses like dad;)
 With grandpa after everything walking to meet dad at the car.
 Then we decided to take in a Texas Rangers game, the Yankees came to town and we couldn't pass it up.  The boys had so much fun they were so excited they had to sleep in their rangers hats for naps that day. The Rangers won, we were pretty high up but still had a blast with everyone that came.
 from L to R Back row: Laura, Rick, Hilary, Linzi, Rylee, Justin, Josh, Matt
front row: Charles, Kaio, Jacob, Jamie
on the bottom Jacob is saying Texas won!
 i'm not sure why these are out of order  but this is in Cowtown waiting for the cattle drive (which by the way was like 8 cows i think) but the boys thought it was awesome!
 and of course the pool.  We are in the pool everyday i think now that it's opened, matt is getting braver and will go under water especially now that he has goggles that cover his nose for him, he wants to learn to swim but is still a little leary. My parents also came down with Joanna for a weekend we had so much fun in the little time they were here i think we had to recoop for a few days after! but it was fun to have them here, they got a room right down the hall and the boys could come and go as they pleased, and mom and i even got in a few garage sales:).  We also have Justin, Linzi, Rylee, Jayse and Kaio right here so we go play volleyball every monday and friday i'll have to post those pictures later since they are on josh's phone.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday and party

Matt had a "Pirate baseball" birthday party this year i luckily didnt have to do to much because we are in a hotel and cant bake a cake so i just ordered one and they did a baseball cake with the Pittsburgh pirates colors black and yellow on it then we got pirate themed party favors and went to chuck E. cheese. we had so much fun then for his birthday we went to Monterey Bay to the aquarium where we saw jelly fish, otters, star fish and regular fish turtles, sharks and penguins. matthew liked the lepard sharks the best and of course the sand at the beach it was fun watching them run from the waves. jacob did go down once and wasnt a big fan it is ice cold still;).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

4 years old!!

Matt had a birthday on the 5th! I cant believe how long it took me to post but i cant believe he is 4 even more!!! he is sooo much fun to have around and is a good big brother to jacob. the last picture is here in cali by the golden gate bridge we saw this "pirate ship" he was pretty stoked. he also calls san francisco "fran sancisco" and has decided that he wants his name to now be "matthew michael aaron leroy hart" because ryan and jacob have michael as a middle name we go round and round about it he has now agreed that it is not his real name but it is his pretend name:) the other day jacob dumped out all the goldfish crackers and matt came in sat down and said " i did not even see that coming" oh no i said "nope i was in the other room" love this kid he is the best cuddler in the world and likes to just lay by me for no reason. also has sooooo much energy but is soo fun to watch and play with. here's to another fun exciting year with you matthew!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

sky diving

the other day I was on the phone with my mom telling her about this place out here that does indoor skydiving (you know all the thrill without all the risk:) my kind of excitement well josh said we can do it for my late birthday present. so anyway matt heard me talking about it and proceeded to start jumping off the couch onto the cushins so i ask him what he is doing and he says to me "i'm practicing skydiving but i want to do outside sky diving instead of inside skydiving" so i told him mommy wont do it outside so we were going to do it inside his reply was "but mom we cant do it inside because if we do it inside we will get everything all wet!" i had to then explain what skydiving was and that it did not include water:) love that boy.
side note: ever since we have had the skydiving talk he has tried to jump off of everything from the couch and bed to the 6 ft high wall outside in the courtyard! the scary thing is he's not even my daredevil (jacob is) i think i may have to get insurance for those two boys i cant take my eye off them for a second. p.s. jacob has started following his brother off the couch.

Friday, November 25, 2011

christmas pictures

there was alot of this to get the pictures we got:) mainly from my end;) (actually he just fell and was scared of the waves that were coming onto shore) i couldnt not take a picture of it:)

We finally took updated pictures of the boys. they are growing sooooo fast i cant believe it! so there are several:) and more to come because there are some on josh's phone i dont have access too until he gets off work. We did take these with our cameras on our phones so bare with us:)
these are uncropped and unedited because i dont have the program anymore.