Saturday, November 14, 2009


Josh might not be real excited I posted this and matt may not like it in 10 years from now but I told him to go get some shoes on so we could go to dinner and this is what he decided he was wearing, (my heels if you cannot see)
i made this dress i forgot the actual name of it but how cute is this with little tights under it:) i decided i wanted to make something so terriann found this on the internet and helped me make it i am so excited i finished a sewing project that i started:) yea me!

Matt has learned the actions to "i'm so glad when daddy comes home" (matt language daddy home), popcorn popping ( pocorn), 5 little speckled frogs (bug or frog) the wise man and the foolish man ( man) he can only do the building part (pounding fist on hand), and book of mormon stories (book) he loves to sing or have mommy sing while he does the actions this is his favorite thing to do lately

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Matt learned how to swim! he wasnt a big fan of the water this summer but i brought his life jacket down to hilton head. Wes came down to swim with us and matt watched him a couple of times and was just like i think i can do that i guess cause he just jumped in and started swimming:) he can swim from one end of the pool and back long wise and will swim for hours then he takes a great nap or if i prefer goes to bed on time instead of midnight:)

this is matts favorite book ever! he will sit on the bed and read it to himself but prefers to be read to but knows what most of the things are now without coaxing him. he still thinks we are saying mommy instead of mummy though and i guess can't see the difference:) so he thinks a mummy says "no,no,no" gotta love little kids.

in an update matt is talking a ton now i think i must give credit to wes since we've been around him matt has really gotten good. some of the funny things he says...

1. one day we were cleaning (matt loves things clean) and we got the room all clean then i dumped the clean clothes on the bed to fold and he looked at me shocked and said "oh momma! mess!" i said i know matt momma made a mess so i will clean it up then he replied "k" as if to say oh you better.

2. he is obsessed with poop right now or the word anyway so he is always telling me somebody went poopoo lately the person has been tenninannn poopoo all one word translation "terriann poo poo" sorry terriann i dont know why.

3. matt will say almost anything we ask him right now or attempt to anyway except for the life of me i cannot get him to say sorry! i dont know why but he just looks at me like um i cant talk i dont know what you are expecting me to do.

4. he has decided he likes the word dangit but he must always bang his fist on something so he will run with his fist in the air till he gets to a table, couch,chair ect and then say dangit.

5. matt is really into baseball or actually all sports right now. the world series is on so we of course have it on in our room, josh changed the channel during commercial and matt got so made at him and kept say no dad baball baball dad till he turned it back, and he gets so into the game he will cheer and yell dangit (fist pounding all the while) he is so funny to watch of course i am a little partial:)