Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4 years

4 years ago today Josh and I got married:) i cant believe how fast it's gone by! and how far we have come. we have a 2 year old who is fun loving and cant even explain how much we love him and another energetic one on the way and cant wait to meet him. i love you josh, cant wait to spend 4 more years together:)(and then some;)

just a funny story

today i walked into the living room because i heard matt talking, he was on "his" phone talking to mike and joe:) then i asked who he was talking to he said he had been talking to grandpa, dad, nathan and was on the phone with mike and joe. then i got him dressed and he said matt call grandpa rick again, this is what he said... hi rick um matt send you an email k bye:) lol all the while with his hand on his hip and cocked:) i wonder what he is around alot:)

Monday, April 12, 2010

lets go fly a kite

We got to go fly kites the other day and matt thought that was amazing it flew in the air like a plane he said and it did circles:) they are so fun at this age. matt did dress himself it is not cold outside but for about 2 days he wore that silly hat everywhere including bed:) i love my little man.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring is finally here!

The other day the boys decided to play baseball down in the lower field, matt and ryan played for awhile but soon got bored so they headed over to my house to play in the playhouse they both had so much fun, matt also decided his playhouse needed fixed:) a boy after his own dads heart i guess:)

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everybody!! we had so much fun this year, matt was old enough to do alot of things. easter egg hunting was a blast once he figured out what was inside the eggs he got so excited everytime he found a new one all i kept here was "another one mom!!" we went to grandma and grandad harts after conference and the boys all had a blast there were over 100 eggs for the 5 of them most of them were just scattered on the ground:) we also got to decorate eggs this year and he thought that was a blast, he did pretty good at dunking them and with some help getting them out but getting them on the pan to dry was another story:) daddy even got in on the action with a multi colored egg, which matt thought was the coolest so he grabbed one of his and dunked it again trying to do the same thing:)
I also had to make cupcakes for the dinner we had on easter sunday, matt loves helping me cook or bake when i do and loves the rewards of helping when i'm all done:)