Friday, March 20, 2009

Hilton Head

Amy found a little center for kids that has all sorts of fun things this was in the art department he had so much fun finger painting he thought he would try some:)
This was in the same place they had a whole area for role playing with costumes there were several different themes but matt enjoied the airplane the best.

The other day the guys went to the park to play softball, we found a little play ground for wes and matt they had so much fun on the slides i was surprised because matt would go climb up the stairs and go down the slide by himself!

Here is my monkey on the monkey bars, dont worry i was right there i just didn't want to be in the picture. he loved them so much he kept trying to climb up by himself:)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well one day i got matt out of the tub a little before he was done i guess:) course he wasnt happy at me for taking the picture as you can tell by his expression.

This one looks worse than it actually is i just had to post a picure so you could see how pitiful he looks:( he had really bad allergies down here and it gave him asthma and since you cant give him an inhaler this is what you have to do for babies. it was every 4 hours but only for 5 minutes. he didn't like it and would scream but by the end of it he would just sit there and sulk.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

on the job

Matthew has decided to go into the family business. we are lucky enough to get to use the suites that the guys are working on for our living space and have the adjoining room to sleep in so we don't eat, sleep and live in the same rooms this time around. the thing about this is that the guys are in there working, matt loves this because he thinks he is one of the big boys:) he loves to be where the action is and "help". the last couple of days they have been laying tile and painting, so today matt decided to help grandpa in the room and this is how we found him no body showed him what to do this is just from him observing:) he also has taken the trowl and rubbed it along the carpet like grandpa does on the concrete he is such a big boy:) i however was not ready and could not get the "concrete" on tape. matthew does not always help so well he has gotten into the paint, dry wall mud and the wet concrete which had his foot prints and little bum imprinted for a short time lucky for us grandpa fixed it. he is not alone in this though wes loves the tools too i'm told he has learned to turn some of them on:) smart little boys!! i think we need to get them some newland shirts and let em go to work!