Tuesday, February 15, 2011

scripture study and prayers

we have started letting matt "read" a few verses in our family scripture study basically he says what i tell him to say and he loves that part of it, today we were reading and in the verse it talks about when nephi was being shown the things of the world so the verse would say "look" so when i said that word for matt to repeat he actually looked with eyes wide like what am i looking at. lol he did it a couple times it was really hard for me to read without laughing. then in prayers it was his turn to say the prayers, he can say them by himself but gets embarassed if he forgets to say things so he usually wants us to help him, tonight josh told him to say as much as he could by himself and if he needed help to nudge him and he would help him out. so he started to pray and this is sort of how it went..." and please help me to poop in the toilet and when i start to poop in the kitchen to go to the bathroom and poop and pee in the toilet so that i am not naughty and am good too..." oh the innocents of children he is pretty much potty trained but i have to remind him sometimes cause he just doesnt want to quit what he is doing and for some ready really freaks about poop he just doesnt like the stuff at all lol. i love him and he is a constant reminder of how we should be.

boys will be boys

matt was playing with one of my weights today and dropped it on his toe it is now super purple and looks as though it will probably fall off. thinking he would think the idea of his toenail falling off would be cool i told him that (he did not think it was cool and freaked even more).

jacob is officially walking he will be 9 months on the 22nd. he has been taking steps for a few weeks now but opts to walk most of the time now and walks long distances so i figure he technically walked at 8 months but is officially walking at 8 months 3 weeks:) i cannot believe it those two get into soooo much trouble together already.( p.s. please dont mind the mess in the background it was laundry day and i hadnt folded it yet)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

3 year old stats

ok i totally stole this idea from josh's cousin, but i thought it was a cute idea so here are matthew's 3 year old stats straight from his mouth.

height: 38 1/2 inches
weight: 31 lbs
favorite movie: dispicable me
favorite food: pizza
favorite drink: sprite and reliv
favorite toy: buzz lightyear
favorite song: you've gotta friend in me (aka the toy story song)
favorite color: yellow
favorite tv show: special agent oso
favorite sport: basketball and soccer

so there you have it he is 3 and ready as ever to take on the world. i cant believe how big he is getting! thank you to everyone who came to his party and for all the great gifts it was so much fun.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Matthew!!

Matthew turned 3 today! I can't believe how big he is getting. The theme of the night was Toy Story if you couldn't guess from the pictures.

The boys after playing pin the parts on mr. potato head. it really bothered matt when the boys didnt put the parts where they were suppose to go he kept moving them to the correct spots lol.

hitting the pinata. josh made this and spent all week on it. the boys all got a few at bats with this thing before the big boys got involved. finally when nobody could break it grandpa rick got involved at kicked it with the toe of his cowboy boot. it finally got a small enough hole to rip it. that thing did not want to break. but it looks good and the boys really liked what was inside it:)

the boys reaping the benefits of all their hard swinging.