Wednesday, March 30, 2011

spring break

for springbreak my parents and jayse came up to new york to see the boys we use the word spring very loosely;) we went shopping and to the childrens museum which was probably the highlight of the trip. matthew loves the museum and any chance we can go and i think my family enjoyed it for the most part. this is a picture from the crooked room, it is actually pretty hard to walk through and you get very dizzy in there jacob went in and as soon as we turned the corner went "oooo" lol i think it made him dizzy too.
on their last day we went to niagra falls and palmyra we all kinda wished we had just gone to palmyra especially cause it was soooooo cold but it is what it is. this was after we walked up the entire hill which is extremely steep, after we got to the top we saw a parking lot at the top i guess we all got a little bit of a workout;)
here is my family at the falls we have been there before but i lost all my pictures from it.
this is my absolute favorite picture of jacob he is so lovey and was always on someone's shoulders he especially liked my dads cause he had a button on top of his hat that was super tasty i guess;) this was at the childrens museum looking at the aquarium he really likes all the colorful fish.

Monday, March 7, 2011

can you tell which is which?

can you guess which baby is which? one of them is matthew and the other is jacob i promise. and to be totally honest i can only tell because of the blankets in the background. i just was looking through my pictures to find one of matt at nine months and found this one too and thought it would be fun to see if any of you can tell them apart at this age.

9 months

this is matthew at about 9 months, in puerto rico
this is jacob at 9months here in rochester. i think they have several similarities but several differences as well they are about one in the same personality wise though lol i love them they crack me up everyday. jacob has just learned to say na na na which is no no no and bababa which could either be bottle or just noises and mama and dad he has said at which is matt once but just smiles when we try to get him to say it again. last night he kept saying mama mama mama until i looked at him them would just say babababababa and smile lol he just didnt want to go to sleep then he would throw the ball yell and then clap for himself lol he is learning so fast!

new foods

heres a pic of matthew, i was taking some of jacob and matt thought he needed one too he had food on his face also;)
these arent in order but this was jacobs first time eating baked zitti he eats anything you will let him he loves food! he didnt know what to do with it when it was in the bowl he just picked the bowl up and played with it and looked at for awhile till the food finally fell out then he was happy. so i dont really just throw food on his tray (all the time;) )

they are both getting so big i cant hardly stand it!

jacob loves cheeseballs. on this particular day was super excited to find that dad had left the lid off the mega container!! he didnt even care that he was caught and being taped he was just getting as many cheeseballs in his mouth as he could before we stopped him;)