Saturday, July 30, 2011

home sweet home

warning: there are a whole lot of pictures on this post:) for all of you who are upset because i never post anymore here you go;). matthew said to me the other day "mom isn't it so good that we are back home where we belong" although we love going on the road and have fun seeing places we wouldnt normally get to see or live it has been a long time since we have been home and it is nice. we were living in an apartment in new york with lots of snow all winter and then in a hotel room for the last 2 months of our job. needless to say we have been living it up in our yard since we've been home and i've put josh to work with my very long honey do list. enjoy the pics

matt loves to help we finally got our front room painted! i love it we have had the paint for it since matt was a baby...he's 3. it looks awesome
jacob is my happy little baby. he loves doing anything matt does and loves his things;)
a little trip to cici's there werent any where we were and the boys love pizza
i bought a little blow up pool for these hot hot days and the boys love it they spend most of the day out there and on the slip n slide
we havent had an oven for about 2 months so we made some brownies when we got home the boys liked licking the batter more than the brownies i think.
this was a long day in the car getting supplies for some of our home renovations, matt didnt even take a bite out of his hamburger before he passed out lol.
just relaxing on the pool, i really didnt have him pose this
playing on the slip n slide with joe and ryan. the boys love living so close to their buddies matt goes and plays with ryan, joe, and mike everyday they do all sorts of fun things

you cant really see it in this pic but jacob likes to drink the water like a water fountain and matt is really getting good at sliding now but as you can see in this pic he mostly ran down the length of the slip n slide and jumped on his butt at the end. (much like how i slide into a base in softball;)
these pictures are from chicago. we stopped there for about 2 weeks before we came home for a little short job. we found this grassy area by the hotel and the boys went out and ran around. it didnt last long because jacob decided the cars on the road looked more fun than his toy cars in the grass.
jacob pointing to the cars on the road
this is in the gym in the hotel both my boys love the workout equipment:)

Friday, July 29, 2011

happy birthday jacob!

these are backwards but you can get the picture. Jacob turned 1 may 22 but we were in new york so we waited to have his party till we got home. here he is with one of his presents i'm pretty sure the one he liked the most. at first he was not so sure about the sound it made but they became friends. Ty liked the present too but was also not sure of the weird sound that came out of it.
letting grandpa rick share his ice cream cake. thanks grandma laura for providing such awesome cake.
matt and wes decided to help jacob figure out what to do with the frosting
he finally decides to dig in sort of. mostly he just poked holes in it.
he was pretty excited about the singing we were doing just for him. the cake is suppose to be a ball but we had a little trouble with it lol. it turned into a blob but jacob didnt seem to mind. he is growing up so fast!
jacobs 1 year stats
weight: 24 lbs
height: not sure
favorite food: everything he but his very favorite is whatever is on someone elses plate
favorite movie: i believe at this point is dispicable me he will sit and watch and laugh at that everytime but he likes pretty much anything with lots of color and music. he loves to dance.
favorite toy: he really likes cars and balls but what boy doesnt. he also really likes his monkey that sings and dances, he will follow us around the house and yell at us till we push the button for him then he will dance until the song is over.
Jacob is so much fun to hang around, he loves his brother and wants to do anything he does. he loves the water and is going through a toilet phase, he likes to put anything and everything in it, the latest... a car, a hair clip and josh's toothbrush, luckily i saw that one and was a good wife and informed him before he used it. he doesnt talk very much mostly yeah and uhhu and momma, dadda. he is our pat and pointer, but he's very smart he knows what he wants and how to get it most of the time, he is also such a momma's boy which i love most of the time;) we love you jacob and are so excited for what this next year brings!