Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So we bought this house in may of 2007 and were gone for most of the time we've owned it:) it had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms a living room, eat in kitchen and a pantry/utility room. we decided it was tooo small! matt's room is also used as the office and gym:) not much room for matt and definately not any room if we were to have another one, so since we have a little bit of down time we decided to expand just one room but another room non the less:) it will make a big difference for now and later we can add on the rest of the house. Rick has been very good to help us and put the guys to work so thank you rick, neil, todd, nate, mike, and joe and of course my good husband who listens to me complain about how small our house is even though it was technically my idea to move here(he does remind me of that everytime i complain) they have also worked on my front yard and have gotten rid of alot of crap and it looks sooooo much better it is starting to look like the home i was hoping to someday have. the first picture is of our house originally not to pretty but very cute if you look past that color. About the beginning of the summer neil, the two boys, rick and laura came down one saturday and we painted all day and it is now a very nice color of blue with white trim and will eventually have white shudders on the windows and a pretty flower garden:)(someday)

Here they are putting on the room (framing it out) matt has been in heaven because he gets to "help" and papa is here alot along with "neneil" (neil) , grandma and the boys.

This was putting up the roof and the one below is of the roof on and walls up! also of josh and nate trying to fix the electricity that was cut (by accident) to our garage .

This is the back side to show the room a little better it will be the office/gym/storage and someday possibly a bedroom we arent for sure yet. but at this point i dont care i'm just excited to have extra space so my house doesnt feel so cluttered and cramped! hopefully there will be more pictures to come!!!;)


*K*R*I*S*T*Y* said...

I think the addition is looking great!I love the blue you painted it too!Man what would it be like to have a yard that big....or one at all for that matter

grandma said...

it looks great! someday after you get back (from wherever you go) I'll have to come out and see it

Sarah said...

wow, it looks great. That will be so nice to have the extra room.

Unknown said...

It will be nice to have that extra space.