Wednesday, October 28, 2009

back in hilton head

this picture is in hilton head, we went out to eat last night and got wings matt decided he was done with his mac and cheese and took this off my plate and just started eating, of course he was done when he licked all the sauce off. this is also his "big smile"

matt loves animals and is not affraid to feed them at all. we stopped to get gas on our way to hilton head and they had a petting zoo, yes at the gas station, so we bought some food for matt to feed the animals it took no coaxing on our part matt went right up and fed the animals there was goats, geese, an emo, donkey, bull, and a llama he fed the llama geese and goats but we ran out of food before he could feed the donkey but he did get to pet it.

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Christine said...

He is such a ham! I wish we lived closer!