Saturday, November 14, 2009


Josh might not be real excited I posted this and matt may not like it in 10 years from now but I told him to go get some shoes on so we could go to dinner and this is what he decided he was wearing, (my heels if you cannot see)
i made this dress i forgot the actual name of it but how cute is this with little tights under it:) i decided i wanted to make something so terriann found this on the internet and helped me make it i am so excited i finished a sewing project that i started:) yea me!

Matt has learned the actions to "i'm so glad when daddy comes home" (matt language daddy home), popcorn popping ( pocorn), 5 little speckled frogs (bug or frog) the wise man and the foolish man ( man) he can only do the building part (pounding fist on hand), and book of mormon stories (book) he loves to sing or have mommy sing while he does the actions this is his favorite thing to do lately


Unknown said...

He is sooo cute and learning and growing up so fast. The actions are cute. You did a great job on yoru dress too.

grandma said...

I can't download the video but I love the pictures. Glad you got the cute little dress made and all finished. (better than the skirt you started at my house)

TannHart said...

Okay, how come I live literally 2 doors away and I'd never seen him do those actions?! Soo cute! Also, your KIMONO turned out so great. If anyone else wants to give it a try here is the link to the tutorial!

Sarah and Trent said...

ohhhh cute!! congrats on baby #2!