Tuesday, January 5, 2010

we are alive

Well I dont have the internet right now but i will have it tomorrow so i cant post pics until then. Matt so much fun on christmas and we had so much fun watching him. he stayed up until after midnight playing with grandma and grandpa and the wii. we went to the doctor today and found out we are having another boy!!! so matt will have a brother, he is due May 21st and it couldnt come sooner! i'm not as big as i was with matt but this baby sits super low unlike matt who liked to hang out in my rib cage most if not all the time and hurts when i bend over most of the time but i suppose this too shall pass. we dont have any names picked out but have 4 1/2 months to do that matt thinks we should name the baby ferb after phineas and ferb the cartoon which at the moment is his favorite for what reason i dont know:) lol. pictures to come!