Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everybody!! we had so much fun this year, matt was old enough to do alot of things. easter egg hunting was a blast once he figured out what was inside the eggs he got so excited everytime he found a new one all i kept here was "another one mom!!" we went to grandma and grandad harts after conference and the boys all had a blast there were over 100 eggs for the 5 of them most of them were just scattered on the ground:) we also got to decorate eggs this year and he thought that was a blast, he did pretty good at dunking them and with some help getting them out but getting them on the pan to dry was another story:) daddy even got in on the action with a multi colored egg, which matt thought was the coolest so he grabbed one of his and dunked it again trying to do the same thing:)
I also had to make cupcakes for the dinner we had on easter sunday, matt loves helping me cook or bake when i do and loves the rewards of helping when i'm all done:)

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