Friday, May 21, 2010

baseball games and new rooms

matt finally got his new big boy bed, he was very excited about it he didnt want either of us to sit on it well that was until the lights went out and we left the room, then he insisted that i lay with him:) i do love him. we also got our addition almost completely finished this is a pic of matt telling me to sweep while he scraped the mud off the floor:) the room is now painted and has carpeting in it we get to move into it tomorrow!

we went to the springfield cardinal game last friday he loves being with the big boys and thinks he is one of them uncle jayse got him a foul ball and he was pretty excited about it. he talked about the game all day long and made me put his cardinal stuff on first thing in the morning. the day was rainy but cleared up for the game until the very end it went into extra innings and the cardinals ended up winning whooohoo go cardinals!

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grandma said...

Matt looks and ACTS like one of the "bib" boys. How did he get so big so fast?