Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New York

Well we are finally in New York, well we have been here for several weeks but i'm just now posting:) the first pictures are from wickham farms it is a pumpkin patch that has all sorts of cool things for the kids to do matt had a blast and jacob well he didnt care much either way. i cant believe how big my boys are getting. matt loves his brother and visa versa jacob will be screaming ( he is teething) and matt will walk into the room and "check on him" and jacob will be as happy as can be. it is starting to get cool here we are lucky when we have low 60's matt is going crazy being stuck in a little apartment cause it's been raining but on nice days we can go and get his energy out. the last picture is from the lake on the first week we were here all matt wanted to do was go swimming or go back to the lake and throw rocks in. more pictures to come.

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