Saturday, November 6, 2010

just for fun

i cant believe he is crawling already!! although he's not really crawling he rocks and then pounces:) but he gets around non the less. Jacob also has 2 teeth on the bottom and loves them, they are sharp little suckers and he loves to chew on fingers. of course i had to get pictures of matt because i had the camera out, he has become quite the ham and always wants to take pictures which is quite the opposite from just a month or so ago, so being the big brother that he is he held jacob for a group pic then jacob spit up on him and this was the reaction, i couldnt help it:) it would have been much better if i got a video.

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anne said...

Tell Jacob, that 5 mo old babies DON"T crawl ! They are both so stinkin CUTE ! I love the barf pic - made me laugh outloud ! Such a cute family - so glad I can follow along on here ! Tell your mom and dad hi from Auntie Anne !