Monday, January 31, 2011

wisdom from a 3 year old

matthew loves to have conversations with me he will come and sit by me and ask if we can talk about something, today we were getting ready to go to the museum and he said to me

matt: hey mom you and dad are going to get married in a couple weeks
me: well sweetie me and dad are already married
matt: oh well you need to have flowers to get married
me: well we did have flowers
matt: oh well i want to get married
me: well when you are older like daddy you can get married
matt: but i will need flowers to get married then
me: dad and i will buy you flowers
matt: well ok but i dont want to be the girl
me/josh: (chuckle) well that's good cause your a boy
matt: i just want to marry a pretty girl
me: well she will probably be pretty
matt: yeah i want to marry grandma cause she's beautiful

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Sarah said...

LOL! That is so cute.