Monday, March 7, 2011

new foods

heres a pic of matthew, i was taking some of jacob and matt thought he needed one too he had food on his face also;)
these arent in order but this was jacobs first time eating baked zitti he eats anything you will let him he loves food! he didnt know what to do with it when it was in the bowl he just picked the bowl up and played with it and looked at for awhile till the food finally fell out then he was happy. so i dont really just throw food on his tray (all the time;) )

they are both getting so big i cant hardly stand it!

jacob loves cheeseballs. on this particular day was super excited to find that dad had left the lid off the mega container!! he didnt even care that he was caught and being taped he was just getting as many cheeseballs in his mouth as he could before we stopped him;)

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