Tuesday, September 13, 2011

innocent enough

That face looks innocent enough right? well think again! see that smirk he has it means business and keeping mommy super busy!! just today I couldnt hear him which all in itself is bad news which most of you who have kids know. I found him in the pantry playing in flour all over the floor, he saw me open the door looked up at me and closed the door so i couldnt either get mad or see i'm not sure what was going through his head. then he had a 3 hour nap so a good chunk of the day right? 2. he found a cup of dr pepper he does really well with straws so i decided to pick my battles and this wasnt going to be one of them wrong again, i turned around and he was dumping it out of the straw onto the couch and playing in it! then 3. he comes in with a handful of diaper wipes the entire container to be exact! by this time it's only 3 oclock then i turn around from my desk to him ripping a book apart!! oh my i'm in trouble with this one he isnt even 2 yet so i dont know what to blame it on!! good thing he is super cute and knows how to work his momma, he already knows it takes a smile, a kiss and a snuggle and i melt:) love these boys but they sure are making it really hard for me to want any more! lol

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Sarah said...

good grief! Boys just bring mess in their path. It's almost like they cant help it. :)We have started trying out out guess Danton with things he can and will make messes of to try and avoid them, but he can make a mess out of the most un-messy thing. It would be amazing if it weren't so annoying. :)