Tuesday, June 19, 2012

fordland 5k

on June 16 we had a 5k in fordland benefiting care to learn a program that helps children get what they need such as clothing and food, Stacy (josh's aunt) did sooooo much for this organization and the whole festivities for the day.  We had so much fun and raise so much $ for this cause! cant wait till next year!

 before the race josh and matt walking to the gathering spot
 jacob...he got to ride in the stroller and loved it, at the end he got out and ran across the finish line
 matt wanted to run so we let him he ran most of the race and only rode in the stroller for a little while we are so proud of him! he ran the race in just over 37 minutes.
 my 3 boys before the race
 from left to right...Laura, me, jessica, amy, and terriann we dont know the people in the yellow but they were in the way;) this was pre race getting ready to start.
 our fans...this was great to have at the end you could hear them cheering soooo loud for you as you came in and gave you that extra " i can do it feeling"
 and they're off!

 home stretch... both boys were running their hardest with the biggest grins on their faces! i loved watching them come in and run to me across the finish line! no pics of me crossing because they are awful;) but i did cross and finished in 34 min 32 sec. beating my goal of 35 minutes. this was my first race and def. not my last!
 showing off his medal he won
 from left to right top: amy, jessica, kaio, me, josh, jacob, michael
bottom: terriann, joe, matt, and laura
kaio finished 1st overall, amy finished i believe 3rd overall and 1st womens, way to go hart family!!

my family after the race, poor josh was only expecting to run the mile fun run with matt and jacob in stroller but matt wanted to run with me so he put them both in the stroller and took off to catch me, they didnt catch up till the half way water spot where i waited for them, he got more than he bargained for but finished in about 37 min ( no training and no prior running and pushing 1-2 boys the entire time) you did amazing:)

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