Tuesday, September 15, 2009

utah trip

matt thought these were the best slides ever he slide on the tall stairs too but i didn't get a picture of that one, he did it over and over
he thought that just playing in the reflection pool wasnt enough he wanted to get in it

this was matts first trip to the temple sorry josh you couldnt be there we missed you

matt and katelyn were little buddies again

papa was matt's buddy too hopefully matt kept papa from getting too bored they read books played ball and watched sports


TannHart said...

Wes was soo excited to see picture of Matt on your blog! It looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip. Wish I could of been there :)

Christine said...

We had so much fun, I miss having you guys around!! Tann I wish you were there too, we had a lot of fun!

jamielynn said...

yeah matt saw the pictures on your blog of wes several times and everytime was super excited, when we came home he just kept saying wes all day:) we did have so much fun though and would have had more with you terriann but you guys looked like you had fun too.

Unknown said...

Utah was a fun trip. It is amazing how much fun you can find in an airport if you are only 1 1/2 :D