Monday, December 12, 2011

sky diving

the other day I was on the phone with my mom telling her about this place out here that does indoor skydiving (you know all the thrill without all the risk:) my kind of excitement well josh said we can do it for my late birthday present. so anyway matt heard me talking about it and proceeded to start jumping off the couch onto the cushins so i ask him what he is doing and he says to me "i'm practicing skydiving but i want to do outside sky diving instead of inside skydiving" so i told him mommy wont do it outside so we were going to do it inside his reply was "but mom we cant do it inside because if we do it inside we will get everything all wet!" i had to then explain what skydiving was and that it did not include water:) love that boy.
side note: ever since we have had the skydiving talk he has tried to jump off of everything from the couch and bed to the 6 ft high wall outside in the courtyard! the scary thing is he's not even my daredevil (jacob is) i think i may have to get insurance for those two boys i cant take my eye off them for a second. p.s. jacob has started following his brother off the couch.

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