Wednesday, February 15, 2012

4 years old!!

Matt had a birthday on the 5th! I cant believe how long it took me to post but i cant believe he is 4 even more!!! he is sooo much fun to have around and is a good big brother to jacob. the last picture is here in cali by the golden gate bridge we saw this "pirate ship" he was pretty stoked. he also calls san francisco "fran sancisco" and has decided that he wants his name to now be "matthew michael aaron leroy hart" because ryan and jacob have michael as a middle name we go round and round about it he has now agreed that it is not his real name but it is his pretend name:) the other day jacob dumped out all the goldfish crackers and matt came in sat down and said " i did not even see that coming" oh no i said "nope i was in the other room" love this kid he is the best cuddler in the world and likes to just lay by me for no reason. also has sooooo much energy but is soo fun to watch and play with. here's to another fun exciting year with you matthew!!!

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