Saturday, July 7, 2012

So a typical day in my house usually includes 3 "adventures" at least from Jacob he is extremely busy and does not stop... we love him non the less:) today's adventure started out at about noon (i know i cant believe we made it to noon) matthew is in the kitchen eating some toast while i start to make a shopping list, i ask where his brother is, matthew replies "i dont know" which is never good so i go looking for him.  this is what i found.

the product:

          the culprit: after we cleaned him up obviously, (and that face was all show he was trying not to smile)

                                                                      the crime scene:

yes those dark spots are wet from him spray the "product" all over it he was drenched! lucky for us when we bought these couches back when i was pregnant with matthew we foresaw something of this nature happening because i had been told horror stories about when josh was this age, so we bought the protector and the cleaner as well:) so all is well, after mommy calmed down a little:)
*side note: no children were harmed in this incident, mommy kept her cool very well actually, and he did not ingest the product.


Unknown said...

And you thought Matt was going to be your hard one...

Sarah said...

ha ha ha...FUN day :)

Junior and Marissa said...

So I know I'm way late on reading this but that is soooo funny (and way frustrating I'm sure). It totally sounds like a story from Josh's childhood!